I enjoy teaching. I can teach core courses in innovation management and organization theory at the undergraduate, MBA, and doctoral level.  I also enjoy crafting special topics and elective courses that excite students. My elective teaching portfolio consists of the following courses and course modules:

Organizational and Societal impacts of Emerging Technologies

Developed with Professor Samer Faraj, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

BCom Elective for Innovation and Entrepreneurship majors.

All-Audiences 3-hour Workshop

This 13 week course, offered as an undergraduate 400-level elective, explores the impact of emerging computation, communication, production, and energy technologies on issues related to innovation, organizing and society.  The course materials draw from research papers and case studies in management, innovation, and technology, as well as popular science, newspaper articles, legal and policy documents, and videos. Learning activities include hands-on experience with emerging technologies such as natural language processing and computational data science algorithms.  The term project for the course is a team based consulting project that addresses a key organizational challenge in a local sponsoring organization. 

A version of this course has been offered thrice as a BCom elective and once as an MBA elective at the Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University. I TA'd the course in its first undergraduate outing, and taught in its second, with exceptional ratings. I contributed to its development from inception to inclusion in the BCom Innovation and  Entrepreneurship majors at Desautels.  I have also developed a 3-hour all-audiences workshop based on this course, offered once at McGill, sponsored by the McGill Computational and Data Systems Initiative (CDSI).

Systems Thinking, Dynamics Models, and Simulation Inference in Management Research

Course Module for Research Methods, Public Policy, or Management

This 1-4 lecture series has been offered as guest lectures and modules in multiple undergraduate courses offered at the Desautels Faculty of Management and can be adapted to explore a variety of specific organizational and social phenomena and cases.

Computational Methods in Management Research

Course Module for Research Methods

This 1-4 lecture series covers emerging methods in management research.

American, European, and decolonized perspectives in Organization Theory

In development with Aditi Chandrasekhar, PhD Student, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

PhD Seminar in Management

This 13 week PhD seminar covers the history of 20th and 21st century organization theory and organizational sociology, and introduces emerging research streams that adopt non-western and global south perspectives. The course materials cover influential publications from management and sociology research. Learning activities include weekly in-class paper discussion and out-of-class machine-assisted literature exploration, reading, and memo writing, and a final term paper. In development, can be offered Fall 2025 onwards.