Anand Bhardwaj

Graduate Student | Montréal, Canada |

PhD (Candidate) Management, McGill University

PhD Ecology, Emory University (2013)

Anand is a PhD candidate in strategy and organization studies at the Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Montreal.

He is a former data scientist and full-stack enterprise digital transformation consultant with multiple Fortune 500 clients. He has a prior PhD in population ecology from Emory University, Atlanta.

He studies organizations, knowledge, and change.


MCGILL UNIVERSITY, Desautels Faculty of Management, Montreal, QC: 2019: Present

Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant

  • Teaching Assistant: Systems Thinking for Sustainability (2021) - Taught by Prof. Anna Kim

    • Designed and presented lectures on simulation methods, and inference from simulations.

    • Grading and in-class moderation and support

  • Teaching Assistant: Emerging Technologies and Societal Stakes (2022) - Taught by Prof. Samer Faraj

    • Course co-designer

    • Designed and presented lectures on digital transformation and technology consulting

    • Grading and in-class moderation and support

  • Teaching Assistant: Social Network Analysis for Social Science Research (2022) - Taught by Prof. Brian Rubineau

    • Assisted students in executing analyses in R programming language for weekly assignments and term projects.

    • Reinforced in-class materials on social network concepts

    • Guided students in data science and data managment principles

  • Guest Lecturer: Dynamic Models and Simulation Inference: Social Context of Business (2021) - Taught by Ms. Hanieh Mohammedi

  • Mentor: Integrated Management Student Fellowship

    • Supervised undergraduate (BCom) research intern

    • Transfered knowledge on qualitative analysis of interviews and texts (coding, theorizing)

    • Transferred knowlege on machine-assisted interpretive analysis of texts (designing, implementing, and using Natural Language Processing)

  • Facilitator: Peer Fieldwork

    • Helped establish two qualitative research field sites, built durable local relationships.

    • Helped insert one peer graduate student each into my field sites (identified relevant phenomenon, worked with PI and peers to define potential research questions, introduced peers to local informants).

ACCENTURE North America: 2014-2019

Architect & Delivery Lead; Analytics Center Of Excellence - National Telecoms Client: 2018-2019

  • Co-developed analytics strategy, organizational design and operating model for new analytics organization

  • Led analytics team; services include process mapping and optimization, forecasting, simulation, and behavior modeling

  • Executed new organizational design by assisting client HR with hiring, training client teams and transitioning capabilities

Customer Behavior Subject Matter Advisor (SMA); Various Clients: 2016-2019

  • B2B Customer Behavior SMA for the North America Applied Intelligence practice

  • Participated in deal shaping, project proposal development, client orals and project quality assurance for 27 projects at 16 telecommunications, entertainment and high-tech industry clients

Data Science Lead; Enterprise Analytics as a Service - Global Telecoms Client: 2015-2017

  • Led a multinational team that analyses customer behavior to drive client's $10B+ annual global sales and marketing operations

  • Key activities include market segmentation, sales and marketing treatment strategy, customer targeting for acqusition, growth and retention campaigns, product rationalization, and sales resource allocation

Analytics Architect; Various Clients: 2015-2017

  • Designed and produced reusable analytics assets (algorithms, best practices, visualization standards) for Accenture Digital

  • Worked with C-Suite, Executive/Manager, and Rep-level clients to understand how they make data-driven decisions and designed dashboards with interfaces and user experiences specific to their decision processes

Data Scientist; Small/Medium Business Customer Retention - Regional Telecoms Client: 2014

  • Designed and implemented a predictive model to identify high-risk customers in the client's B2B customer base

EMORY UNIVERSITY, Laney Graduate School, Atlanta, Ga: 2008-2013

Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant

  • Designed lectures on ecological strategies for competition and survival, co-evolution, community and niche development

  • Moderated weekly primary literature discussion and data analysis sessions (Seminar class - graded)

THE EMORY WHEEL, Newspaper, Atlanta, Ga: 2006-2007

Editorials Illustrator

  • Political cartoonist and satirist.


Ph. D. Management, MCGILL UNIVERSITY, Desautels Faculty of Management, Montreal, Qc

Estimated Graduation: 2024

Area: Strategy and Organization


  • Technology and Coordination

  • Knowlege, Knowing, and Society

  • Machine-assisted Qualitative Research Methods

Ph. D. Ecology, EMORY UNIVERSITY, Laney Graduate School, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Atlanta, Ga

Graduated: December 2013

Thesis: The Impact of Demographics and Life History Characteristics on RNA Virus Evolution and Extinction

  • Contributed to computational systems biology by developing a branching-process based theoretical model of RNA viral "repeated bottleneck" travel and survival over a realistic rugged evolutionary fitness landscape

  • Wrote agent-based simulation model to explore dynamics of viral survival strategies, implemented in R

  • Conducted empirical analysis of genetic data from 1000+ global viral populations to verify and extend theory using classical and Bayesian statistical methods

B.S Biology, EMORY UNIVERSITY, College of Arts and Sciences, Atlanta, Ga

Graduated: December 2007


Refereed Papers

Faraj, S.; Renno, W.; Bhardwaj, A. (2021) Unto the breach: What the COVID-19 pandemic exposes about digitalization. Information & Organization, 31 (1), []

Book Chapters

Faraj, S.; Renno, W.; Bhardwaj, A. (Forthcoming) AI and Uncertainty in Organizing. in The Oxford Handbook of Uncertainty Managment. Oxford University Press.

Conference Papers

Faraj, S.; Bhardwaj, A; Malas. K (2022) How a Major Canadian Tertiary Care Center Responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2022 Presenter Symposium: Relationships and Resilience in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Seattle, Washington

Bhardwaj, A. (2022) A Rudderless Ship: How Leadership Transitions can affect Organizational Innovation. Montreal Business Schools' PhD Symposium 2022. Hosted by HEC Montreal (Winner: Best Research)

Bhardwaj, A.; Faraj, S. (2021) Triaging Breaches: A hospital’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. EGOS Colloquium 2021: Sub-theme 14: The Role of Temporality and Coordination in Extreme Contexts. Hosted by VU University, Amsterdam

Bhardwaj, A.; Faraj, S. (2020 - Accepted) The flow and evolution of knowlege across academic collaboration networks. EGOS Colloquium 2020: Sub-theme 34: New Approaches to Organizing Collaborative Knowledge Creation. Hosted by University of Hamburg

Other, Misc.

Bhardwaj, A. (2013) Effects of Life History and Genome Architecture on ssRNA Virus Evolution and Extinction Doctoral dissertation, Emory University. [Link]

Bhardwaj, A. (2013) Demographic and Adaptive Evolution of RNA Viral Populations. Presentation, Society for the Study of Evolution Conference Conference, Snowbird, Ut

Bhardwaj, A. (2013) Dynamics of Replication & RNA Viral Sensitivity to Demographic Extinction. Poster, Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Conference at Penn State University, University Park, Pa

Bhardwaj, A. (2012) Is RNA Virus Evolution Regulated by Threshold-like Phenomena? Poster, Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Conference at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mi

Bhardwaj, A. (2011) Evolution in RNA Viruses along a Latitudinal Gradient. Poster, Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Conference at UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, Ca

Academic Appointments

Student Representative at Large: Academy of Management; Communications, Digital Technology, and Organizations Divison 2022-2023

Vice President (Academic): Desautels Doctoral Students Society, McGill 2021-2022