Technology and Organizing

I have the deep and abiding love of technology that characterizes most nerds. I've been part of many stages of the organizational technology life cycle, from algorithm design to systems architecture to programming to organization and process design to adoption and training. They say study something that you know. Well, here I go. To study organizations is to study technical and technological systems. My interests are in exploring how technology and organizations construct and reshape each other..

An invited short paper that I cowrote with a fellow student and Samer for Information and Organization - on digitalization in the age of COVID - just got accepted. This is my first ever peer-reviewed publication! And even though it was a short-cycle paper that I basically got a chance at because of the structure within which I exist and not out of any extraordinary agency of mine, I'm still very, very proud of it. I also have a book chapter in the works with these same coauthors on AI and Uncertainty for an upcoming "Oxford Handbook" in management.

AI in the OR

I'm conducting a multi site ethnography of how AI/ML algorithms are integrated into the process of coordinating the use of suites of operating theatres at two tertiary care hospitals. This process involves coordinating to use of specialized spaces and equipment with patients, surgeons, nurses, and other surgical and maintenance staff. I'm using observation, interviews, and analyses of texts to explore this phenomenon. This projects merges my interest in coordination and in technology. This will constitute my doctoral dissertation monograph.

Undergraduate/MBA Course: AI and Organizing

I'm interested in developing a course for MBA or undergraduate students who want to learn about how artificial intelligence (AI) is used in organizations today. The goal is to introduce students to current and historical perspectives in AI-enabled business strategies, and to help them develop managerial and technical vocabularies to facilitate working with multidisciplinary teams that build or use AI.